Welcome to the homepage of the New Mexico Territory Cowboy Mounted Shooters, also known as NMTCMS. NMTCMS is a New Mexico Non-Profit organization formed in 2005 in order to promote the fastest growing equine sport in the world!  To that end the NMTCMS holds competitions all over the Land of Enchantment -- check our 2014 Events page for date and times.  Members, please check the Events page often, as changes are being made as and details are being finalized.  A correction has just been made to the Old Timers Celebration shoot, it is in July, not June.  Also, the Ft. Sumner shoot is a $5,000 added shootout and there will be a second day of shooting on Sunday.

What is Mounted Shooting? It's a fast-paced timed event in which we ride our horses through a course of fire which includes ten targets. We use .45 caliber single action pistols to break those targets and run back across the time line with the fastest time winning!  Missed targets and other course errors result in penalties -- seconds added to the competitor's time.  Some riders also compete with double-barrel shotguns and rifles in addition to using pistols. Want to hear more? Thought you might.

Click this link to visit the homepage of our parent organization,
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association or CMSA 

Well I hope we've whet your appetite for running and gunning! If you would like to join us then please go to the 
Membership page. You will find even more info about the club including how to join with convenient forms to download. Sure hope you can join us for the next big season of Mounted Shooting in New Mexico!


NMTCMS has a saddle sponsor for the 2014 points race!
TW Saddlery, owned by NMTCMS members David Kaden and Tracy Webb Kaden are donating a TW Saddlery saddle to be awarded by the high point winner in 2014! TW Saddlery, maker of the infamous Specialized Saddle line, builds custom saddles of all types, including endurance saddles, trail saddles, gaited horse saddles, barrel saddles, lightweight trail saddles and MOUNTED SHOOTING saddles. Specialized and TW Saddlery saddles all are comfortable for you and your horse. 

A fan, 8 year old Braden Fuentes of Artesia, drew this for Pam after watching the Smokin' on the Pecos shoot in Artesia.  Hopefully we'll see Braden riding with us in our wrangler program some day!  Thanks for the great picture, Braden.

New information was added to the Events Page regarding the Moriarty Day of the Cowboy on July 26 and 27 -- sorting and roping events will be held Saturday evening and all mounted shooters, their families and members of the public are welcome to enter and show off their cowboy or cowgirl skills in the roping and sorting events.  Sign up online at

The Board is in the process of putting together the details for the end of year awards match.  Please save the dates of November 8-9 and stay tuned for more information!