Welcome to the homepage of the New Mexico Territory Cowboy Mounted Shooters, also known as NMTCMS. NMTCMS is a New Mexico Non-Profit organization formed in 2005 in order to promote the fastest growing equine sport in the world!  To that end the NMTCMS holds competitions all over the Land of Enchantment -- check our 2014 Events page for date and times.

What is Mounted Shooting? It's a fast-paced timed event in which we ride our horses through a course of fire which includes ten targets. We use .45 caliber single action pistols to break those targets and run back across the time line with the fastest time winning!  Missed targets and other course errors result in penalties -- seconds added to the competitor's time.  Some riders also compete with double-barrel shotguns and rifles in addition to using pistols. Want to hear more? Thought you might.

Click this link to visit the homepage of our parent organization,
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association or CMSA 

Well I hope we've whet your appetite for running and gunning! If you would like to join us then please go to the 
Membership page. You will find even more info about the club including how to join with convenient forms to download. Sure hope you can join us for the next big season of Mounted Shooting in New Mexico!


The Year End Celebration shoot in Alamogordo on November 15, 2014 was a lot of fun.  We had 40 riders and 3 wranglers, 6 rifle competitors and 10 shotgun participants.  The banquet at Pepper's Grill at the end of the day was excellent.  We had a photo slide show with club photos from 2008 - 2014, the food was fantastic, the company was great, and well over $6,000 worth of awards and prizes were given away to the members of NMTCMS.  We topped it all off with birthday cake in honor of NMTCMS' 10th birthday.  Please check back as we get a chance to update this site with the results and photos from this first match of the 2015 points season.  Unfortunately, bad weather caused us to cancel the Turkey Shoot on Sunday, but those folks that joined us to shoot on Saturday got free 2015 NMTCMS membership dues.