Howdy and welcome to the homepage of the New Mexico Territory Cowboy Mounted Shooters ("NMTCMS"). NMTCMS is a New Mexico non-profit organization formed in 2005 in order to promote the fastest growing equine sport in the world -- COWBOY MOUNTED SHOOTING! To that end, the NMTCMS holds competitions all over the Land of Enchantment.  See our Events page for a schedule of our matches held all over the Land of Enchantment.

What is Mounted Shooting?

What is Mounted Shooting? It's a fast paced timed event in which we ride our horses through a course of fire which includes ten targets. We use single action 45 caliber pistols, and sometimes rifles and double-barreled shotguns, to break those targets and run back across the time line, with the fastest time winning!  Missed targets and other errors cause seconds to be added to your time. Want to hear more? Thought you might. Use the following link to visit the homepage of our parent organization, the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, or "CMSA."

Why Do We Do Mounted Shooting?

To win money, prizes and have the time of your life!  Come watch one of our competitions -- anyone there will be glad to answer your questions and explain what is going on.  The camaraderie among the competitors is amazing and even non-shooters have a good time at our matches.  This is a family sport and all ages are welcome to participate.  Cowboy mounted shooting is the fastest growing equine sport for a reason!  We think it is the most fun you can have horseback!

Can I?

Yes you can!  Go to our Contact page and email one of our officers or board members.  They can put you in touch with people hosting mounted shooting clinics and can help you get started.

The Latest NMTCMS News!

We just updated our shoot schedule for the rest of the 2014/2015 season, including the new "Damn, Summer's Over!" shoots and the "Never Forget 9-11" shoots.  On Friday before the Never Forget 9-11 shoots, the Griffin Brothers Wild West Show will be performing the "Never Back Down" wild west show on the night of Sept. 11th, including a mounted shooting demo.  Check the Events page for the latest; make sure you don't miss any of the NMTCMS shoots!  There's always something new and exciting going on.

Speaking of exciting, the Bring a Jacket shoots were great!  We tried out Stoney's new brainchild, a multi-horse 3D format.  You enter your #1 horse in the main match for points, then you enter as many more horses as you want into the 3D event.  ALL payouts are 3D, not circuit payouts.  Everyone has a chance at winning big $ and each D pays the same amount.  If you enter more than one horse, you increase your chances of winning.  We are looking at adding "mulligan rules" to make it even more interesting.  Sign up for the Damn, Summer's Over shoots to try it!

2015 Trophy Saddles!

Stoney is raising money to purchase and give away Corriente trophy saddles as part of the year end awards for NMTCMS members this year.  We will be presenting at least 4 saddles this year. Every class winner will be entered in a drawing and the saddle winners will be randomly drawn from those class winners.  Winners can contact Corriente and choose the options they want to have a custom saddle built their way.  Many, many thanks to our growing list of saddle sponsors:

  • Circle S Feed in Carlsbad, NM (Wally & Carol Menuey)

  • Dan Byrd

  • Jamie Lowe

  • Donnie MacDougall

  • David Sterrett

  • Hugh Shelton

  • Desert Creek Construction (Stoney Burks)

Check out the Events page for more information about our matches.

About that NM/TX Border War . . .

We heard stories about Tim Cowan actually MISPLACING his coveted NM/TX Border Wars trophy accepted on behalf of the Texas club (photo below of Tim accepting his award for the 2nd year in a row).  Some of us may have also heard that it was found and will be reunited with Tim.  I'm sure that Tim will be glad to hear that it was found.